Complete Parents for Happy Learners Master Course


Complete Parents for Happy Learners Master Course


This master course is offered to parents whose children are currently finding school difficult and are struggling with the curriculum or the school environment.  We offer you tools and support to get to the root of the problem and find a solution that works for your child.

This course is offered online through a series of videos, workbooks, private Facebook group discussions and weekly live Q & A.

For additional support, you may purchase a one-to-one coaching supplementary package.  Both the number of places for the main course and the add-on coaching are limited to provide the maximum support for all participants.

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    Pre-Course Week: Stress Avoidance

    This is a bonus week that gives sound advice on how to identify and eliminate stress triggers from your daily routine.  

    • Seek and Destroy… Identifying and Removing Stress Triggers in a Way that Works for the Whole Family

    • Getting Organised and Staying Organised

    • Starting with the Right Attitude Ourselves and Nurturing Good Attitudes in Our Children


    Week 1: Literacy in Older Children and Teens

    Sometimes, a poor foundation in literacy can hinder progress in other subjects. As much of the curriculum is based on the student's ability to read, a poor foundation can lead to a reluctance to study.

    • Building Strong Foundations At Home

    • Reading and Understanding School Text Books

    • Reading for Pleasure and Fostering a Love of Books


    Week 2: Learning by Environmental Design

    Learn how to create a home environment that naturally encourages children to learn, develop and thrive with little effort from you and NO additional pressure on them!

    • Understanding the Concept of Learning by Environmental Design

    • Screen Time - The Good, The Bad and The Reasonable

    • Implementing Changes with as Little Resistance as Possible

    • Knowing When You’ve Got it Right


    Week 3: Tackling Homework

    Homework is a pathway to independent learning.  This is an opportunity to develop their research skills as well as build their confidence by celebrating the small successes that lead to the bigger ones.

    • Defusing and De-stressing the Homework Routine

    • Scaffolding and Finding the Right Pace for Your Child

    • Sparking an Interest in Each Subject


    Week 4: Preparing for Standardised Tests

    School tests can cause dangerous amounts of stress in our children, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  We may not be able change the school system overnight, but we can certainly help our children cope better.

    • Understanding Test Questions and the Responses They are Looking For

    • Effective Test Preparation - It’s different from general studying

    • Time Management and Test Taking Strategies


    Week 5: Protecting their Downtime, Family Time and Your Relationship with Your Child

    Strong and positive family relationships will anchor your child and protect them from stress and challenges in school.  This will also create a foundation for their future emotional health and mental stability in adulthood.

    • Being a Pro-Active Parent rather than a Pushy Parent

    • Nurturing Their Hobbies and Interests

    • Prioritising Family Time to Strengthen the Family Bond


    Week 6: Working with Your Child's Teachers and School

    Viewing your relationship with your child’s school as a partnership will help your child navigate each school year successfully.  It will also enable you to resolve misunderstandings before they become epic problems.  

    • Building a Strong Relationship with the School… Before There is a problem!

    • Building a Strong Relationship with the School… After There has been a problem

    • When and Where to Seek Additional Support
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