Parents for Happy Learners Course

This course is for parents that want their children to excel in school without compromising their children's emotional well being.  In short, this is a solution for parents who want their children to be Happy Learners.

Our parent guides are well-researched and considered guides based on our professional and personal experiences with teaching and raising children.  We focus on three main categories: Academic Skills Support, Life Skills Support and Parenting Support.

There are many contributing factors that can over-stress and derail our children from getting the best from their education.  

We will tackle each of them one by one and give you the tools you need to help your child succeed in school... without stress.

Our Guides

The Road to Reading

In this module, you will learn the process in which children learn to read.  We focus on the individual skills needed without putting an age restriction on it, so you can help your child progress at his or her own pace.

Reading is an essential skill that will serve your children throughout their lives.  It is important to ensure they have a strong reading foundation as this will become crucial as they progress through school.

We give you the tools to fill in any gaps they may have in their reading foundations as well as help them move into the final stage as fluent reader.

This course is delivered as a downloadable PDF with printable templates and worksheets to help you.


Optional Add-on - 

  • Versal registration with video lessons and interactive learning
  • MP3 editions of the lessons
  • 30 day Free Trial of the Parents Coaching Group.

Life Skills Support

STRESS:  Prevent, Reduce, Cope and Release... establishing healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Financial Management: Start teaching life skills now.  Tips on how to  begin for every age group.



Parenting Support

Creating the Right Home Environment

Understanding and Supporting Learning Styles

Working with the School:  When to butt in and when to back off!



Our Packages

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